Saturday, 11 September 2010


Stromae is a singer-songwriter of Belgian-Rwandan origin. He has distinguished himself in both hip hop and electronic music. He first became famous with the song "Alors on danse" which remained at number one for several weeks in numerous countries throughout Europe.

The album is full of vibrant coloured punches and rhythmic variant sounds that he confides his distinguished fingerprint in. The record conveys an old school minimal Technotronic sound warped from the 90’s, minced with sharp poetic texts and vintage electric beats. Naturally innovative he delivers most of his lyrics in French over music derived from house and electro. Distinguished by his ability to gather catchy rhythms fused with arranged beats sutured with an effective production. Always in motion he follows his conducting line subliminally registering a specific Stromae sound.

Cheese is the debut album, here's some tasty tracks of the album.

Stromae - Alors on danse

Stromae - Silence

Stromae - House'llelujah

Stromae - Te Quiero

Stromae - Summertime

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