Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Heartbears is Leeds-based house artist Grum a.k.a Scot Graeme Shepherd's debut album, released late may 2010. Grum quoted being inspired by 1980s disco, and the album has been compared to Daft Punk's Discovery and Mylo's Destroy Rock & Roll. and it has been said that it “charms with such ease that it’s hard to accept it’s a debut.”, according to the BBC.

The artwork is a pioneering design, developed by David Ross, the artistic and creative brains behind Mylo’s ‘Destroy Rock N Roll’ poster and artwork campaigns. For Grum he has incorporated a unique 2-D Barcode into the artwork, which when photographed by your mobile phone (using the appropriate application) takes you directly to the music where you can hear great quality streamed versions of the track, with an option to buy there and then. A fully interactive experience for fans to get the music they want, when they want it. See the poster on the street or an advert in a mag, snap the logo, and get direct to the music. There’s already massive interest with mobile phone providers and software programmers to develop this idea, but Grum got there first.

Heartbeats (Radio Edit) - Grum ♥♥♥♥♥ [links removed]

Heartbeats (Wierd Tapes Remix)

Heartbeats (Extended Mix) - Grum

Heartbeats (Worship Remix) - Grum ♥♥♥

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