Monday, 7 March 2011

Nu:Tone: Words and Pictures

Words and Pictures, Dan Gresham's third album

Dan Gresham aka Nu:Tone has recently released his new album 'Words and Pictures' on the infamous Hospital Records, which he has been signed to since 2003 and it sounds as if he is attempting to put vocal d'n'b back out there. It's jam packed with collaborations with the likes of: Heidi Levo, Kyan (with some soulful vocals), Natalie Williams, (who features on 4 of the songs!)

There are some wonderful tracks on this album including the opener, 'Shine In' with Natalie Williams, beautiful voice. Then there is 'The Feeling' with Ben Westbeech, definitely more of a Hospital vibe to this one. 'Coming Back' has a sharp edge to it with some delightfully crafted progressive sliding bass, Heidi Levo is on vocals for this masterpiece. Nu:Tone has also integrated some downtempo, dubstep-ish beat into 'Set Me Free' Overall, it's a varied album showing this producer can fire on all cylinders.

Nu:Tone  - The Feeling (ft. Ben Westbeech)

Nu:Tone - Set Me Free

Nu:Tone - Broken (ft. Kyan)

Nu:Tone - Coming Back (ft. Heidi Levo)

Nu:Tone - Shine In (ft. Natalie Williams)


Unicorn Kid - Wild Life (Nu:Tone Remix)

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The Hospital Records family consists of:

-Mistabishi... the guy behind this huge debut track.

Mistabishi - No Matter What

-Logistics (Nu:Tones Brother)
-Danny Byrd (buy his new release 'Rave Digger')
-High Contrast

last, but certainly not least it's the hugely talented Netsky who produces some magnificent liquid d'n'b.

Netsky - Smile

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