Thursday, 19 May 2011


It's finally here. The debut album of SebastiAn. Total. This ones a packed release with 22 tracks! In the collection are some classic old tracks such as Dog, Motor and Ross Ross Ross, which have all seen LP treatment. The album features his most recent single 'Embody'; a funk-spritzed hit, quite unlike anything hes produced before!

Busy P (Pedro Winter/Head Honcho of Ed Banger Records) said this about the single:

"Embody" is not the boring "banger" you could expect from the man responsible
for heavy weight club hits "Smoking kills?" "Walkman" and "Ross Ross Ross"
Do I need to remind youI signed him for darker sounds like "Head/off", "shoot" or "HAL" ?
Did you know Daft Punk said he delivered the best remix they ever had for "Human after all" ?
When I heard "Embody" for the first time I imagined Prince and Sebastian in Paris, sharing a glass of wine."

Embody by Sebastian
Directed by SO-ME

In his own words:
"What I can give to an audience is my own truth. That comes from when I follow a need, something that has started to live inside me. It’s important to take the audience on a journey. People want to dance and be removed from their daily duties. There’s also a religious moment of a spiritual kind––a unification."

The album has a healthy amount of collaborations like M.I.A., Gaspard Auge (Justice), and Mayer Hawthorne, whose vocals are hypnotic and will most definitely have you putting 'Love In Motion' on repeat, and a signature track 'Yes couldn't of been more aptly named. Similar to Boys Noize's 'Yeah!', if you catch out drift. 'Total' still reeks with sebastiAn's signature sound. Noise, saturation, crackles, but always dirty funky. Blow this shit up!

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